Top 10 Ghosts Caught On Camera That Won't Let You Sleep

Top 10 Ghosts Caught On Camera That Won't Let You Sleep

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Top 10 Ghosts Caught On Camera That Won’t Let You Sleep

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Top 10 Ghosts Caught on Camera that Won’t Let You Sleep!
Ghosts…aren’t they spooky? There’s nothing worse than being haunted by a ghost from another dimension that just wants to make you feel like you don’t want to live on this earth anymore!

Yes, some ghosts can be horrific, bloodthirsty, vengeful…and they will just make your blood curdle!

Unfortunately, some people have had the displeasure of seeing these ghosts up close and personal and recording their horrific experience on camera!

I don’t know about you, but I strongly believe that some of the people who recorded these videos might need years of therapy just to overcome what terrified them.

With that being said, let’s take a look at 10 ghosts caught on camera that won’t let you sleep!

10. The Bloody Mary Challenge

In this world of social media platforms, everyone loves to try a new challenge! Unfortunately, you might be trying out something and have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.

In 2015, one of the most famous challenges that was going around was the Bloody Mary Challenge. In this video, a little boy decided to film himself while exercising the ritual..I mean, playing your PlayStation isn’t enough?

The legend of Bloody Mary goes way back, so YouTubers challenged each other to film themselves doing it for fun.

According to legend, a dead girl will appear if you chant bloody Mary more than three times. As you can see from the video, the boy captures something eerily disturbing!

Though convincing at first, a closer look reveals her defined features. Could it be just his sister helping him make a cool video for subscribers?

9. Ghost of Man Haunting A Forest
What would you do if you found something as haunting as this while walking in the forest.

As you can see from this video, the person in question records a transparent head and hands of a man that is floating eerily around in the forest.

According to myth, the head actually belongs to the spirit of a man that was killed while crossing the train tracks and dumped into the river.

So, do you think that this could be the real deal or a fake video?

Honestly speaking, there’s an eerie feeling from watching this video, and it certainly feels like this ghost is real and not a piss-off using special effects!!

There’s an eerie feeling from watching this video, but does it look like the work of amateur special effects?
8. Child Ghost captured on Security Footage

CCTVs are amazing in that they help to improve the security of a premise, store, or home. And aside from making sure a place is secure, CCTVs also capture some pretty strange things.
Take for example this CCTV camera that captures a ghostly child that is making rounds on the streets looking spooky and might even be inherently evil.

As a matter of fact, this is a fairly recent video with little context.

But seeing how the kid is aimlessly crossing the road, it looks like he may have died there in an accident some time ago.

And the scariest part about this all? It’s the fact the video looks real and unedited, however,, there are some people who believe that this video could be fake.

7. Little Girl Ghost at Haunted Hotel

In 2010, an Australian ghost hunter chased a little girl in an abandoned 5-star hotel.

According to the video description laid out by the ghost hunter, he claims that the hotel he was chasing the ghost in had been closed down for years because many guests had complained of seeing a spooky girl in the corridor.

Whilst pursuing her, the hunter gets trapped in the middle of the dark but manages to escape.

One thing that really freaks me out about this video is how fast the little girl moves in her pajamas from looking at the camera and sprinting away.

But I’ve just got to ask, did he edit the video just to rack in more views? You be the judge…

6.Little Japanese Girl Sees Her Uncle

In this video, a girl is talking to her mother when the camera suddenly records
the faint figure of a man through the doorway, standing in the other room behind her.

According to the history of the footage, the girl’s uncle passed away in the house, but it looks like he’s still around to watch over his sister and his beloved niece.

And while the video looks very much authentic, it was actually aired on a Japanese tv show for entertainment. Could this be a real, spooky ghost…or a very good script?? –

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