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ERS Driver App | Free, Unlimited Users | 505-435-9731 | Event Rental Systems | Party Rental Software

ERS Driver App | Free, Unlimited Users | 505-435-9731 | Event Rental Systems | Party Rental Software

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This brief video tutorial shows how you can take your party rental company to the next level using Event Rental Systems and our free Mobile App, which you can download here:

iPhone and iPad:

Event Rental Systems is a cloud-based, end-to-end software package for party rental companies. Our software provides everything your party rental company needs to run and grow your business.

The key is automation. When ERS is taking orders for you on your beautiful, easy-to-edit mobile responsive website you built in our system, you’re free to network, market, add more bouncy castles to accommodate your growing sales, and do all the high-level activities you need to increase your sales, and therefore your PROFITS!

Instead of being glued to your office chair taking all of your inflatable bounce house orders over the phone, let ERS make money for you while you sleep. And that’s not all; ERS will keep in touch with your customer automatically leading up to their party. It’ll send them a survey after their party to make sure they’re satisfied and give you valuable information on how you can improve your business.

But it doesn’t stop there! Event Rental Systems will automatically email your customers about ten months later to encourage them to book again! Repeat business is key, and if you’ve got a system selling your inflatables for you, you might actually (gasp!) be able to leave the office and take a day off every once in a while.

Instead of spending hours every Thursday night trying to figure out the best routes for your bouncy castles, you can spend a few minutes during the day letting Event Rental Systems make the most efficient route for you (and after that, you’ll have plenty of time to check in with your network and start a new marketing campaign).

If you’ve got questions about how to package your inflatable slides so they can be rented either wet or dry, you can call our office here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (not overseas! We speak English, y se habla Español también) and talk to our knowledgeable and friendly Tech Support staff. And we’ve got a network of over 1,500 satisfied customers who’ve been renting bouncy castles for a long time, with a lot of success, in our private Facebook ERS Users Group (

Let your inflatable bouncy castles rent themselves and don’t get stuck in your office mired in the day-to-day (remember: network and market! That’s the only part we can’t completely automate for you, though we automate as much of it as possible!). #GetYourLifeBack with ERS by visiting us today at, or giving us a call at (505) 435-9731. –

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