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Is it mad to buy a BMW E63/E64 6-Series in 2021?

Is it mad to buy a BMW E63/E64 6-Series in 2021?

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I’ve been driving the BMW E64 6-Series 650i for over six years and this Buyers Guide won’t pull any punches. As soon as anyone mentions the E63 or E64 you will always hear ‘valve stem seals’ from drivers of lesser cars!

What is the truth about about these problems in 2021, leaking gaskets everywhere, valve stem seals and the coolant transfer pipe? My E64 has covered 125,000 miles and, although it does leak a little oil it is just as powerful and good-looking as it was when it came out of the factory.

These can now be found on Ebay for under £5000 / $5000 with less than 100,000 miles on the clock. Are you going to be throwing your money down the drain? What are the chances of something major going wrong – and are there any methods of avoiding these problems?

This In-Depth Review and full Road Test shows you how the 650i performs, with its 4.8 Litre V8 power-plant, what interior comforts it has, how it performs on the corners and its straight-line grunt. I also compare the performance with my 840ci with 100 BHP less and a few years more driving. –

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